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Credibility and Standard

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Credibility and Standard
GTF Criteria
  • You are a trainer and have conducted a certain number* of trainings.
  • You have passed the GTF baseline interview
  • You have a valid trainer certification from a GTF approved qualification provider or have achieved verifiable competence through experience and research
  • You continue to improve and develop your skill as a trainer where the GTF gives you number of points to support your growth.
    You must maintain a certain number* of points per year
  • You maintain a client satisfaction rating (CSR)
  • You participate in the community to further support excellence
    in training and higher implementation of training

* the number depends on which category of credential you want to apply for.

GTF Training Program Endorsement
GTF Member Trainers who have developed their own programs can now receive GTF Endorsement if their training materials meet the approval criteria. Members will be able to submit programs to be endorsed by GTF and issue certificates of participation jointly with GTF. This will give greater credibility to member training programs as we have a stringent program assessment structure and only endorses programs that are truly unique and outstanding.
Programs are assessed according to the following:
Program Content Criteria
  • Must be unique in composition or outcome
  • Any content from other trainers or thought leaders must be referenced and cited
  • There must be a consolidated reference of non-proprietary content
  • The content must be scientifically up to date
Program Delivery Criteria
  • Structure must incorporate augmented learning best practices
  • Delivery process must be in line or exceed industry best practices
  • Interactive experiential elements must be fully relevant to the learning
Presentation Formats Criteria
  • Not stretched or distorted images
  • No copyrighted images that you do not have a license for
  • Maximum of 3 short lines of text per slide
  • Quotes from other people’s continent must contain a visible citation
How to become a GTF credentialed Trainer
Trainer competency is assessed by trainers who are currently achieving the highest levels of implementation with clients. Academics is not a substitute for
practical application of motivational and psychological strategies that affect real behavior modification and skill implementation back at work.
Assessing GTF trainer certification applications are a panel of globally renowned trainers like Arthur Carmazzi, Yoon Soo Hoo, Khalid Al Qoud… and more.
Because the GTF credentialing process identifies factors that affect training results AFTER the training, our credentialing process must be supported by evidence of implementation to achieve a visible result and ROI from that training.
Criteria for Trainer Certifications is:
  • The Trainer must be a Member of the GTF
  • The Trainer must have at least one GTF endorsed program
  • The Trainer must have the number of hours and Growth points according to the credential they are seeking
  • The Trainer must have a track record of no less than a 4 star rating
  • The Trainer must send a link to a 10 minute video of them in a real training environment
  • The trainer must provide 3 client reference from recognised organizations
  • The Trainer must provide either a written or videoed explanation of how they achieve implementation after training
  • The Trainer must evidence that they show visible ROI
Online Training Endorsement
GTF Online Training Endorsement
Member: USD 400 | Non-Member: USD 600
A Blended Online program that applies the cutting-edge techniques it teaches. Upskilling, re-skilling and providing job placement with newer skills in the low town economy it critical to boost the productivity, performance and business recovery post MCO and COVID19 impact.
GTF Training Program Endorsement
Member: USD 350 | Non-Member: USD 500
The GTF Program Endorsement is a stringent review process that addresses each of these key areas to ensure that not only the trainer has a high standard, but the content being delivered gets the best results possible

GTF Online Trainer Certification
Member: USD 600 | Non-Member: USD 800

Paid Online Trainings
out of 5 stars
support growth points per year
Certified Trainer
(USD 500/certification)
Requires Associate Membership or Higher
Paid Training
out of 5 client
support growth points per year
Certified Professional Trainer
Professional Trainer
(USD 750/certification)
Requires Professional Membership
Paid Training
out of 5 client
support growth points per year
Certified Master Trainer
Certified Master
(USD 1,500/certification)
Requires Professional Membership
Paid Training
out of 5 client
support growth points per year
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