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What is the GTF Trainer’s credential and Why is it important when hiring a competent trainer?
How can you be sure of a trainer’s competency when hiring them? Fun trainers are not necessarily effective trainers… and smart trainers are not always going to get a positive result. Degrees and written testimonials are limited indicators of being able to get your people to understand and apply training concepts to meet objectives.
Trainer competency must be assessed by trainers who are currently achieving the highest levels of implementation with clients. Academics is not a substitute for practical application of motivational and psychological strategies that affect real behavior modification and skill implementation back at work. Assessing GTF trainer certification applications are globally renowned trainers like Arthur Carmazzi, Yoon Soo Hoo, Khalid Al Qoud… and many more.
The GTF credentialing process identifies factors that affect training results AFTER the training. And this is where the GTF credential serves your bigger objective…not just to do training, to achieve a visible result and ROI from that training.
GTF credentials are:
Certified Professional Trainer
Certified Master Trainer
ROI is measurable with GTF recommended benchmarking and performance measurement tools. GTF credentialed trainers use Organizational Culture Benchmarking Assessment tools like the OCEAN Culture Evolution Assessment and Gamified Performance Measurement tools like Squadli
What is GTF Program Endorsement and why is it important to your organization?
When hiring a trainer, you need to know the content they provide is scientifically up to date, the training method used is in line with or exceeds best practices, and training materials support learning in the best possible way. The GTF Program Endorsement is a stringent review process that addresses each of these key areas to ensure that not only your trainer has a high standard, but the content being delivered gets the best results possible.

Clients would benefit from GTF by being able to select good trainers and understand training needs of the organization, and get the staff , workers as well as the executives trained using the best content and technology. This would enable the firms to improve business processes and compete in the global market place

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GTF training referral service recommends certain training courses from reputed trainers to the clients. Based on design, module description and feedback received from clients, GTF would advise and recommend the courses to clients, as per certain conditions. It will be fee based activity. Trainers and training providers would pay prescribed fee for enlisting the courses, subject to scrutiny and approvals. The training providers may contact the office for terms and conditions.

1. Who should determine training needs of employees?

The line manager, HR executive and GTF Executive together prepare GTF needs of employees.

2. What is a GTF need survey?

GTF need survey is specifically prepared for each job position keeping in mind processes, technology and customers. It comprises job specifications skills and knowledge needed and certifications required including mandatory certification

3. What is a GTF need Identification?

This is done for each job holder, based on his skill gap, knowledge gap, performance gaps, behavior gap, future projections of GTF needs and candidates own opinion on GTF that can help him.

4. Whether to conduct in house training or is it better to out source it?

Process related job specific training is generally conducted in house. Otherwise most of the training can be outsourced

5. What should be the duration of training?

Refresher training is generally short term like less than a week. Depending on skills to be developed duration could be long like 10 days to 90 days. But many courses can be part time and after duty hours.

6. Is it possible to know which training was effective?

Yes, there are methods to measure effectiveness. On the job usefulness has to be correlated by the supervisor on the job by close observation. Post GTF and pre GTF assessment comparisons can be made. Customer feedback can be correlated

7. What to do if it is found that training was not effective?

If the training is found to be in effective, reason needs to be found out. Problem could be training delivery, in which case problem will be reported across several trainees. If it is individual trainee, who caused it to be ineffective, remedial coaching to be arranged.

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