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why Global Trainers Federation is reshaping the training industry

Why Global Trainers Federation
Why Why Global Trainers Federation?

GTF supports organizations, training managers and trainers alike by creating opportunities and encouraging the HIGHEST LEVELS OF COMPETENCE in training, training methods, and continuous trainer development to achieve training ROI. We do this together with our international partnerships with trainer organizations.

Organizations and training organizers benefit from the GTF identifying the three best trainers that best fit their Specific criteria which helps save time and headaches.  The GTF Certification is the seal of approval provides the capability, credibility and confidence to know you are getting a high performing contributor who can get results for your organization.

Trainers benefit from the GTF by because the GTF equips trainers, with the tools to be the best in the field and lets employers in corporate world know that you have complete knowledge and state of the art, practical expertise that can be readily applied to the most challenging work environment.

Additional benefits include:

1. Monthly online showcases to potential clients
2. In country showcase and networking with our partners
3. Cross country showcase and networking with our partners
4. Online training tools, articles, training videos, etc
5. Group pricing for venue, Training, etc
6. Training Concierge where we generate leads for qualified trainers
7. Access to our resources Database and network

reshaping the training industry

We Endeavour to reach out to all organizations, to join us and support this movement, this GTF seal of approval to support the credibility.

GTF , with all out support and partnership with industry, professional bodies and other nonprofit organizations and public sector and Government, will tremendously boost learning and development in every industry and every other enterprise, trying to hone up skills, competencies and talent across the organization, bringing in efficiency, performance and motivation in the workforce to bring out the best in every field.

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