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Clients would benefit from CTF by being able to select good trainers and understand training needs of the organization, and get the staff , workers as well as the executives trained using the best content and technology. This would enable the firms to improve business processes and compete in the global market place

Criteria for Membership
For Class A Membership

The candidate has to be an institution of reputation related to education or training, an industry or a high profile individual who has proven themselves through a substantial and visible following.

This membership may be based on invitation by the Global Board of CTF or by recommendation by a class A member. Membership can be considered based on proposal received from prospective member.

For Class B Membership

The candidate has to be an accredited trainer of accreditation agency, approved by CTF, or deemed equivalent based on recommendation by a partner of CTF and approved by the board of accreditation.

There will be country specific concession in membership for first six months on onetime basis,(except for north America and western Europe)

For Class C Membership

Those training professionals and students, who are not eligible for class B , can apply for class C membership.

Country specific concession as stated in case of class B will apply in this case also.

Benefits of Members
Unlimited Access to Online reseouces
Access to seminars, events training programs
50% concession in registration fee
E-newsletters and other publications
Online Membership Registration
Annual Price $400 / year $100 / year $50 / year
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