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JUNE 27th – JULY 1st, 2020

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A Blended Online program that applies the cutting-edge techniques it teaches

This program can be used to empower the Trainers & Coaches, and specifically HRDF Certified Trainers in Malaysia to effectively deliver the current training programs online effectively, creating impactful learning experience for human capital development in Malaysia and supporting the nation to bounce back it economy.

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The recent COVID19 global pandemic has created impact in the economy downtrend, unemployability and massive retrenchment. Upskilling, re-skilling and providing job placement with newer skills in the low town economy it critical to boost the productivity, performance and business recovery post MCO and COVID19 impact.

But, COVID19 has created new opportunities for trainers, as long as the have the right skill applied to online training. Trainers play a vital role in ensuring the upgrading skills, capability and knowledge transfer happen effectively. Trainers, coaches and consultants are the catalyst to organizational growth and can significantly contribute to the rebound and growth of the nation.

  • To empower the current HRDF Certified Trainers with skills to design, develop and deliver high impact content online, compared to previously face to face.
  • To provide trainers with tools and technique to conduct training online effectively.
  • To apply high engagement strategies to ensure effectiveness of the program delivered through virtual facilitation
  • To provide coaching support to trainers to be able to effectively apply the skills in delivering their content

Due to the interactive nature of this online program, it spans over 5 days due to the multifaceted course structure.

Certification Course Structure and Content
In order to illustrate the various modalities of Online training and the higher levels of retention… a combination of pre-recorded videos, worksheets and templates, breakout discussions, LIVE online training, Mastermind sessions, projects, and quizzes before they take the final examination and present their project to get the certification.
Setting the stage before anyone even registers
  • Titles and headlines
  • Presenter credentials (the right way)
  • Objectives and goals
  • Why this is different
The Bribe – incentives to achieve the results and objectives
  • How to create an irresistible bribe
  • The psychology of online motivation
  • Creating the success milestones
  • Why quick wins are important in an online course
  • How to structure quick wins
  • What do quick wins look like and how can participants achieve them
  • Verification and measurement
  • Selling the personal benefits of the
Recreating Content
  • Content breakdown
  • Lesson gamification
  • Online learning formats
    • Pre-recorded Live online
    • Mastermind
    • Coaching Blended learning
  • Drip Content
  • Content structuring for maximum
Setting up for interaction
  • Physical Online Gamification
  • Online Gamification
  • Gamifying objectives
  • Gamifying implementation
  • Online breakout sessions
  • Mastering the 4 Online Mastermind structures· How to BLEND for
Setting up for retention and implementation
  • Time Spacing
  • Review spacing
  • Offline coursework
  • Creating accountability
  • The psychology of action
  • Using social media to show implementation
  • Measuring and Rewarding behavior change during and after a program
Designing a Conclusion
  • Types of final reviews
  • Types of follow up
  • How to upscale participants and organizations
  • Using benchmarking to measure training results
  • Re-Selling the action
Online Storytelling and Interaction the ONLINE difference
  • Postures – why you need to MASTER these for engagement and retention
    • Posture practice
      • Warrior
      • Child
      • Lover
      • Emperor
  • What we learn from “good” movies
  • The Action Training attitude
  • Brain Melting – when you have gone too far
  • Humour, how to be funny even if your not funny
Slides – how to be professional and fun at the same time
  • Titles
  • The training promise and its placement
  • Images
  • Bullet points
  • Links and references… Its online
  • To Animate or Not to Animate, that is the question!
  • Where do you put the information – the online difference
  • How the brain’s Ambiguity Relief processes interpret information
Facilitating online Exercises
  • Managing Physical actions online
  • Facilitating breakouts and conversations
  • Facilitating group work and projects online
  • Using online tools for exercises
  • How to maximise the use of whiteboards in online platforms
  • Google docs and tools for interaction
  • The art of questions for interaction
Pre-training – How to improve results in training Before the Training
  • Creating roles for the live training
  • Preparing pre-work… that participants will ACTUALLY do
  • Using assessments to connect everyone before training
Platforms - The 4 giants and others pros and cons
  • Google hangouts
  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • Webinarjam
  • Others
Lights, Sound, Camera… Action
  • Equipment for interaction
  • Equipment for engagement
  • Why Lighting is important for the brain’s attention
  • The Multiple screen advantage
  • Crash Fail Back ups
Options for Pre-recorded elements
  • The 4 style options of pre-recorded videos
  • Hosting
  • Member sites LMS systems
  • Video sites
  • Live recordings from Webinar platforms
Roles and delegation in live events
  • Supporting roles
  • Co-facilitators / trainers
  • Tech support during training
  • Solo training
  • Getting participants to support and learn
Getting paid for training online
  • How to charge
  • How much to charge
  • Personal payment options
  • Company payment options
  • Options for Creating Paid access

Special Team up with Arthur Carmazzi

Apply Coupon for COVID 19 Special Discount

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