Experience Requirements
  • You are a trainer and have conducted at least 10 paid training gigs at no less than USD500 per daycertified trainer
  • You have passed the GTF baseline interview
  • You have a valid trainer certification from a GTF approved qualification provider
  • You continue to improve and develop your skill as a trainer where the GTF gives you number of points to support your growth. You must maintain a minimum of 150 points per year
  • You maintain a client satisfaction rating (CSR) of no less than 3.0 out of 5
  • You participate in the community to further support excellence in training and higher implementation of training
  • Get more training jobs and opportunities through the credibility and standard you have been proven to have attained through GTF

Applicants for GTF Credentials are required to demonstrate a set number of hours of training experience. Trainers must submit a log documenting this experience.


Do not send documentation to GTF Headquarters by mail or email. Only documentation that has been included with your online application will be accepted.


This credential is the minimum qualification for certification withing the GTF

Estimated Timeline for Review: 4 weeks