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GTF Training Program Endorsement
GTF Member Trainers who have developed their own programs can now receive GTF Endorsement if their training materials meet the approval criteria. Members will be able to submit programs to be endorsed by GTF and issue certificates of participation jointly with GTF. This will give greater credibility to member training programs as we have a stringent program assessment structure and only endorses programs that are truly unique and outstanding.

Programs are assessed according to the following:

Program Content Criteria
  • Must be unique in composition or outcome
  • Any content from other trainers or thought leaders must be referenced and cited
  • There must be a consolidated reference of non-proprietary content
  • The content must be scientifically up to date
Program Delivery Criteria
  • Structure must incorporate augmented learning best practices
  • Delivery process must be in line or exceed industry best practices
  • Interactive experiential elements must be fully relevant to the learning
Presentation Formats Criteria
  • Not stretched or distorted images
  • No copyrighted images that you do not have a license for
  • Maximum of 3 short lines of text per slide
  • Quotes from other people’s continent must contain a visible citation
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