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Peter Ong specialises in helping MNCs and SMEs to improve productivity and to save costs. He does this by looking at your entire business operations from beginning to end, using a systematic technique and then explaining them to you in a simple to understand way. At the same time, he has great passion in developing people to unleash their full potential in cross-departmental synergy and cross-cultural collaboration. In this way, he trains your staff to “Optimise Operations to Grow Your Business Faster and Profitably”.

To ensure that he possessed the right skills to train his participants more effectively, Peter has undergone special intensive training to achieve the following:
• Certified Trainer by the American Management Association, USA.
• Certified Trainer in Psychology from Directive Communication International.
• Certified Trainer in 17 Success Principles from Napoleon Hill Associates, USA.
• Certificate of Communication Achievement from Dale Carnegie Training, USA.
• Certified TPS (Toyota Production System) ManagerTM, Japan.
• Certificate of Industry 4.0 and Advanced Supply Chain Management, MIT Global SCALE, USA.
• Certificate of Blue Ocean Strategy from UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy Regional Centre.
• Certificate of Business Excellence for Assessors, Malaysia Productivity Corporation.
• Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor (UK) specializing in Tony Buzan’s Mind Mapping Technique.
• Accredited Training Professional (ATP) from SMR Group (Specialist Management Resources).
• Registered Trainer from Human Resource Development Fund (Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Malaysia) of Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia.

Academically, Peter Ong has an MBA in I.T. Management (Multimedia University) and a B.Sc. in Marketing, Finance & Psychology (University of Oregon, USA)

A major weakness of an SME is that it often neglects the critical areas of improving efficiency thereby bypassing the opportunity to increase profits. Peter identifies these areas for you and suggests solutions on how to overcome them. Frequently, once pointed out, these areas are so obvious that you wonder why you did not realise them before. How he did this? Peter has developed a systematic and persuasive 7 Negotiation Formulas entitled “Colored Brain Negotiation Skills That Bring Results” that benefits many organizations consistently in a breakthrough method in the last 10 years.

He has imparted his refined technique to thousands of participants from MNCs and SMEs based in Malaysia and other ASEAN countries, from a diverse range of industries including: Electronics & Electrical; Automotive; Chemical; F&B; Furniture; Steel Mill; Paper-related; Plastic-related; Metal-related; Textile & Garments; Engineering; Equipment Maker; Cement; Port; Hospital; FMCG; Service; Construction; Trading; Logistics; Forwarding Agent; Education; Printing & Publishing and many more.

Peter is well equipped for the role as he has over 25 years of extensive and in-depth working experience in the manufacturing environment in various sectors. They include manufacturing operation, supply chain management, training, consulting and coaching.

In addition, Peter’s wide exposure to various management styles from USA, Japan, Europe and Taiwan fortified him with an integrative and pragmatic approach to leadership development, management development and supervisory development series of programs.

Peter condensed his success principles for SMEs in his book: “The Bullettrain Entrepreneur – 5 Pillars Towards SME Success”. He was a regular columnist for leading SME magazine of Business Media International - Asia’s fastest growing business magazine in 2016.

Peter Ong’s mission is to transform SMEs to be successful, sustainable, and socially responsible enterprises.

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