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Khalid’s passion encompasses a spectrum of activities from both the corporate and social world. He has founded, led and developed several local and international organizations, and yet remains to be an active member in numerous initiatives.

Khalid, is an international speaker, entrepreneur, a leadership expert, and business consultant. His expertise was not left unnoticed, and for over 20 years has been invited on several occasions to manage both private and government-supported events, as well as to speak in a public platform.

Khalid’s background in speaking, leadership and corporate social responsibility, is supported by professional certificates from organizations and institutes of high ranking. This enables him to formulate, develop and implement training courses and workshops that cover a variety of topics.

Over the years, Khalid has developed the characteristics that make him an effective coach, and his expertise ranges over topics of leadership, CSR, PR, public speaking, events management, motivational speeches, and voluntary service. Under those themes, he has given keynote speeches and conducted workshops for the local and international community.

Khalid has been invited to conduct workshops and give in international countries. His long relationship with family business organizations enabled him to foster long-lasting relationships with individuals and organizations that follow similar expertise. He has the ability to provide workshops on topics that cover building generations’ loyalty, management, leadership, public relations, public speaking, and corporate social responsibility.

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Bachelor's degree
Level 3 – Professional working proficiency
Leadership, Organizational Culture, Inspirational Speaking, Customer service
Trained in over 15 countries, graduated more then 30,000 people and has over 27 years experience in training, consolation, and coaching
Certified Directive Communication Psychology Trainer and Consultant from the American Institute of Business Psychology
Certified in Human Drive and Motivation Trainer from the American Institute of Business Psychology. Certified in Curriculum Development from the American Institute of Business Psychology. Certified in Dynamic Speaking and Facilitation from the American Institute of Business Psychology. Certified Colored Brain Trainer and Consultant from the American Institute of Business Psychology.
To serve the world and the next generation of trainers
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