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Hamad Al Saad is an experienced wellbeing expert and business strategist with over 12 years of experience in the health and wellbeing industry. He holds multiple certifications in various health and wellness areas and has used his knowledge to transform the lives of numerous individuals.

In addition to his expertise in wellbeing, Hamad has spent 14 years in various industries, making him a well-rounded business professional. He has founded several successful companies, primarily in the health and wellbeing sector, including his latest venture, The Nourishers, an all-in- one wellbeing service provider.

Hamad's approach to wellbeing and entrepreneurship is unique. He believes that true success comes from a holistic approach to life, where success in one area cannot be achieved without success in all areas. His mission is to help individuals achieve optimal health and wellbeing, not just through physical health, but also through mental and emotional wellbeing.
Overall, Hamad's impressive credentials, passion for entrepreneurship, and commitment to holistic wellness make him a standout figure in the wellbeing industry. He has already made a significant impact on the industry and is expected to continue to do so for years to come.

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Bachelor's degree
Level 4 – Full professional proficiency
Leadership, Organizational Culture, Project Management, Presentation Skills, Inspirational Speaking, Other
14 years in the banking, communication, PR, Marketing and diplomatic relationship
Head a Training, People Development Consultancy
For Coperations; Designing and implementing corporate well-being programs tailored to the needs of the organization, developing and delivering effective training sessions, creating and maintaining a safe and comfortable work environment, monitoring and evaluating the progress of employees, providing guidance and support, creating and maintaining records of employees' progress and goals, developing and implementing strategies to promote positive mental health in the workplace, maintaining professional relationships, and staying up to date on the latest research and trends in the corporate well-being field. For Individuals; Providing guidance and support to individuals or group to help them reach their wellbeing goals. Also responsible for creating personalized plans and strategies to help individuals achieve their goals and maintain their wellbeing. Additionally, providing advice and insight on lifestyle choices and behaviors that can promote physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.
Systemic Coaching diploma from MSC, People Managment Skills certification from CIPD, Health Coach diploma from IIN, Eating Psychology Coach diploma from IPE
NLP Practitioner Course from GL Understanding Depression & Low Mood In Children course from UOR Managing Anxiety & Depression With CBT course from UOR Improving Mental Wellbeing In Organization course from CA Mentoring & Coaching Professionally course from TOU Coaching for Leadership course from DU Life Coaching Skills course from CTA Coaching In Education course from NTNU Sport Mindset for Performance course from TOU
International recognition and global work opportunities. Building network and relationships.
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