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Standards Of Leadership (Johnson & Johnson) award, Singapore WSQ ACTA (Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment) certified , Associate Member of APSS (Asia Professional Speakers Singapore), Affiliate member of IFSA (International Feng Shui Association)
Author of 3 books in the Being Happy and Successful series - Website : Mobile App:
I am the founder and principal consultant of Trilogy People Performance Consultancy, being a Personal, Leadership and Team Engagement specialist, I am passionate about helping individuals and corporate team members seek clarity and be better engaged in work and in life. My consultations, workshops and keynotes deliver means to maximize yours and your team's potential through understanding yourself and your team. I specialize in the areas of • Self-Development and Team awareness • Team Collaboration and Engagement for Achieving Common Goals • Having the Right People in The Right Roles • Building Teams in Disruptive Times This has been demonstrated throughout my career whether in introducing new medical technologies to doctors that make a difference to patients' lives or when working with my consultancy clients.
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